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Name: Ginger
Breed: Beagle Mix
Sex: Female, Spayed
Weight: Starting weight: 30.4lb; Goal set: 25lb; Final weight: 22.4lb
DOB: 1/1/02
Evaluation date/beginning of therapy: 10/15/10

Ginger first came in for evaluation of a possible cervical disc herniation that had been tentatively diagnosed at the emergency hospital on 9/23/10. Her front wrists were knuckling under and she had been unable to stand or walk. She was showing improvement after crate rest and short walks. Upon examination, Ginger appeared to be healing well, although her neck/ shoulder muscles were tight. Ginger was approximately 5-7 pounds overweight.

Condition / Diagnosis / Findings
Possible cervical disc herniation; possible FCE

Course of Therapy
The focus of Ginger's therapy was on healing first, then progressing to muscle building and weight loss. She received Laser IV treatments and proprioception exercises in the beginning stages of therapy. Once healed, she started the underwater treadmill to begin strengthening and weight loss. Owner did a great job at home with exercises and gradually increasing walks. Ginger was also switched to a high quality grain-free food. She steadily lost weight and increased her muscle mass.

Progress Evaluation
On 3/17/11 Ginger was re-evaluated and was found to have no lameness. She also had no muscle spasms in her back, and no pain or tenderness in her neck or shoulders. She had reached her weight goal at this point and was progressing well with her therapy. Everyone was very pleased with her progress.

Progress to Date
Ginger continues to come for therapy to maintain her strength, muscle mass, and proprioception. Owner continues to do her walks and home exercises as well.


Name: Gizmo
Breed: Australian cattle dog mix
Sex: Male, Neutered
Weight: 42 lbs
DOB: 3/3/01
Evaluation date/beginning of therapy: 7/27/10

Gizmo sustained a full cruciate tear in his left hind leg on 6/25/10. Radiographs that were taken to confirm his injury also revealed an unknown previous injury to his right hock, which had already healed. Gizmo was put in a soft bandage for 5 days to help stabilize the joint post-injury. Gizmo's owner was interested in pursuing conservative management due to Gizmo's severe separation anxiety, which would make restriction difficult.

Condition / Diagnosis / Findings
At initial exam Gizmo was non-weight-bearing on his left hind limb. He had muscle atrophy of his left hamstrings, quads, and gluteals.

Therapy Goals
Conservative management to heal a cranial cruciate tear; pain management; return to normal activities

Course of Therapy
Gizmo's therapy consisted of Laser IIIB treatments, underwater treadmill, and therapeutic exercise and stretching. Gizmo's owner also worked on making him more comfortable in a crate, and kept him on leash at all times. Gizmo was managed very strictly for the first 2-3 months during the healing phase. Owners also purchased a stifle brace to help stabilize and support his stifle while healing. Once he seemed to be healing well his therapy was gradually accelerated toward regaining the muscle he had lost. Keeping him restricted, and doing the exercises given at home were crucial to help Gizmo heal enough to avoid surgery.

Progress Evaluation
On 1/28/11 Gizmo was rechecked and was found to have no pain with flexion or extension. He was weight bearing, although he still shifted some of his weight to his right leg. He still had muscle atrophy present in his left hind leg and some tenderness in his lower back due to compensation. Overall he was making great progress.

Progress to Date
On 4/1/11 owner reported that Gizmo was able to go back to jogging with her. She continues to do his home exercises daily to keep his muscles strong and flexible.


Name: Greta
Breed: Basset Hound
Sex: Female, spayed
Weight: 62 lbs
DOB/Age: 10/1/01
Evaluation date/beginning of therapy: 9/10/10

Greta had a history of neck pain that had resolved in June 2010. In August of 2010 she started showing signs of hindlimb weakness/lameness. Radiographs were taken 8/25/10 and no disc issues were noted. Radiographs did reveal bilateral hip dysplasia. On examination Greta was not using her hind legs fully/normally. She was ataxic; with her left hind limb being weaker and showing more neurological deficits than the right. She also had muscle soreness throughout her shoulder region from compensation.

Condition / Diagnosis / Findings
Possible IVDD- Cervical or Thoracolumbar region; possible Degenerative Myelopothy

Therapy Goals
Owners wanted to strengthen Greta's hind limbs and get her walking better- their concern was that she would lose all function in the hind limbs making home management extremely difficult. Therapy focused on pain management, improving strength, mobility, and proprioception.

Course of Therapy
Greta received Laser IIIB treatments, underwater treadmill, and therapeutic exercises. Owners did a fantastic job at home with exercises, which helped Greta to regain her strength and proprioception much more quickly.

Progress Evaluation
On 3/29/11 Greta was re-examined and was showing no signs of lameness or ataxia in the rear limbs. Her neurologic exam revealed no abnormalities. The tenderness in her back was no longer present. Her hips were slightly tight on extension, but overall improved. Both TheraVet Acres and the owners were very happy with her progress.

Progress to Date
On 5/17/11 owner reports that Greta continues to do very well. Exercises are still being performed daily to maintain her strength and proprioception. Greta is also enjoying a daily walk with her family.

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