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Buffy - WARNING: Graphic content

Name: Buffy
Breed: Domestic Shorthair (feline)
Sex: Male, Neutered
Weight: Approx. 10 lbs
DOB/Age: 7/15/94
Evaluation date/beginning of therapy: 1/29/11

After a routine dentistry, Buffy developed a thick scab on his left lateral abdomen area caused by the heating pad. The scab broke open 2 days later leaving Buffy with a large open wound. Buffy also has diabetes so his regular veterinarian was hesitant to try to debride or surgically repair the wound.

Condition / Diagnosis / Findings
Large open wound on left lateral abdomen; diabetic

Therapy Goals
More rapid healing of the wound; avoid the need for surgery

Course of Therapy
Buffy received Laser IV treatments 2 times a week for a total of 12 treatments. His owner used a smaller hand-held laser at home daily.

Progress Evaluation
On 2/28/11 Buffy was re-examined by Dr. Browne and the wound was much improved. The recommendation was to discontinue with the Laser IV treatments and to continue to use the portable laser at home for 1 additional week.

Progress to Date
Owner was very pleased with the results obtained using the Laser IV. Buffy was doing well, eating well and overall feeling much better.