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I will never forget that day six years ago when my little Annie retracted her right rear leg and would not place it back on the ground.  I had a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach!  I knew something was seriously wrong with her leg.  After examining Annie, her vet recommended seeing Dr. Browne at Thera-Vet Acres.  This was the best thing we ever did.
   Dr. Browne lovingly and thoroughly examined Annie.  She composed a comprehensive plan to help her.  Through a series of exercises for stretching and strengthening Annie embarked on her road to creating very strong hind quarters.  A center piece of her program was walking in the water treadmill.  Our goal was to make Annie so strong that she could avoid a worsening problem, such as a tear in the ACL.  Six years later it seems that we have succeeded.  Although Annie skips from time to time, she remains strong walking over three miles a day in the good weather.  When I watch her run around the dining room table, it is hard to believe that she ever had any problem.  We have thus far avoided an operation.
   The dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring staff have made our experience very enjoyable.  Annie loves going to Thera-Vet. She is an eager, highly motivated participant.  Although she was officially dismissed years ago, we continue to attend just for the water walking!  We both look forward to our weekly visit!  We are very grateful that we have such a wonderful facility in Rochester. ~~Bruce Weinberg

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