Wellness Evaluation / Healthy Dog Baseline

When talking with pet owners about our services we often hear “oh that all sounds great, but I hope to never need your services”. We are truly passionate about preventative care and one of our main goals is to teach you how to appropriately avoid injuries from occurring in the first place. That is why we always say the best time to bring your pet for an evaluation is when you think nothing is wrong.

A full body assessment/wellness evaluation will allow us to identify any postural or muscle imbalances that might not be noticeable to the untrained eye. Those subtle changes, if not addressed early on, could lead to more serious injuries down that road leaving pets needing the more extensive type of rehab services pet owners often think of when they mention rehab for pets.

There are many preventative measures you can implement with respect to your pet’s nutrition, supplementation, physical activities, and/or exercises that could make a significant impact on the future health of your pet. Thera Vet’s Healthy Dog Baseline exam runs approximately one-hour, where a veterinarian trained in rehab, acupuncture and chiropractic will review every aspect of your pet’s life, from diet and nutrition, to exercise, activities, and behavior. Subtle changes such as spinal subluxations, muscle soreness/tightness, and joint pain can be identified. These are usually precursors indicating that an injury is in the process of developing or has already happened, but just has not manifested itself yet in your pet’s movement or behavior.

We strongly believe in preventative medicine. By looking at your pet’s structure/conformation, analyzing their gait and finding their strengths/weaknesses we can help them live a healthier and possibly injury-free life. Please reach out to reception to schedule your one-hour healthy dog baseline exam to get your pet on the path to a healthier tomorrow!