Name: Vern

Breed: Beagle

Sex: Male

Weight: 23 lbs

DOB: 4/21/08

Evaluation date/beginning of therapy: 8/3/10


Vern had been seen at Cornell emergency service on 5/18/10 after he had started to drag his right front and right hind limb. Vern was diagnosed with FCE (Fibrocartilagenous embolism). He had since gotten progressively better, but had recently reached a plateau in his recovery.

Condition / Diagnosis / Findings

Cervical FCE- right side; weakness, muscle atrophy, and neurological loss in the right front/hind limbs.

Course of Therapy

Vern came for in clinic therapy twice weekly for 16 weeks. His therapy consisted of Laser IIIB treatments, underwater treadmill (walking and swimming), and therapeutic exercises. The focus of his therapy was strengthening and proprioception. Vern’s owners hoped he would be able to return to hunting and tracking, which he loved and excelled at.

Progress Evaluation

On 11/4/10 Vern was re-examined and found to have a mild hitch in his right hind limb. He would also stumble occasionally on his right front leg. Overall he was much improved in strength and ambulation from his initial visit. He needed to continue to gain strength and proprioception. Owner was very dedicated to home exercises to help get Vern back to his former self. At home he was doing therapeutic exercises, weight training/pulling, and doing some tracking to keep his spirits up.

Progress to Date

Vern’s owners tell us he is holding his own at home. He continues to need help getting on and off the couch, but has adjusted to being a house dog. He does still get out to hunt, which he loves, although his owners find he does best if they keep the hunt from getting too long or vigorous.