Healthy Dog Boarding

For those carefree canine friends who have little-to-no restrictive health issues, our healthy dog overnight boarding will provide your pet with an exceptional boarding experience. Not only do we have 50 acres of land, with 2 acres fenced in and miles of wooded trails, but we have a well trained staff that will look after your friend like they would their own dog. We cater to customized care, so if your pet has a certain routine that makes them comfortable, we will do our best to meet that need. We make sure that each dog is fed and walked individually so we know exactly how much they are eating, how they are moving and how they are feeling every step of the way during their stay with us.

Therapy/Post-Surgical Boarding

Has your four legged family member just had a surgery and needs a little extra help getting back on their feet or are they already in a Therapy program and have special restrictive needs? Thera-Vet offers Post-Surgical and Therapy boarding for those pets who need extra care. Our Therapy/Post-Surgical Boarding is tailored to helping pets recover as fully and safely as possible. Therapy is our main focus, so our staff are highly trained in providing the correct restrictions, exercises, walks, and activities based on the dog’s therapy care plan or post-surgical needs.
Most of our Post-Surgical dogs will begin their therapeutic exercises within a day of arriving and will receive therapeutic exercises given by your surgeon or rehab vet. During a post surgical boarding stay we offer transportation services from the surgeon to our facility as well as back to your primary care Veterinarian for rechecks. Our trained lodge assistants and veterinary technicians will ensure these therapies/exercises are provided appropriately and safely. Depending on their therapy care plan, a Therapy or Post-Surgical Boarder will be seen by a rehab trained technician either daily or multiple times per week.

Specialized Care Boarding:

Specialized care dogs are those who require more care than our healthy boarders, such as diabetic pets, dogs who have had a recent surgery or injury but will not be entering therapy, older dogs with special needs, or dogs who just require extra time and attention. Each patient is checked in and their case reviewed by a licensed veterinary technician. This ensures that diet, medications, supplements, restrictions, walks, and activities will be appropriately monitored for that patient during their stay. Intake appointments for specialized care are on a case by case basis, with time and price varying.

For more information on any of our boarding options or to schedule a tour, please contact our boarding manager at 585-872-3791 Ext 2 or

Miss Piper is enjoying chewing on one of her toys while receiving thermo-therapy to her leg. She enjoyed her time here so much, that after she recovered, she decided to start coming for Day Play!

Healthy Overnight Boarding:

  • Single Dog: $80/night
  • Each Add’l Dog: $60/night
  • Add Day Play or Extra Enrichment: $12.00/night/dog

Please note: The additional dog discount only applies when sharing one room.

Specialized Care Boarding:

  • $85/night

Therapy Boarding:

  • $90/night

Post-Surgical Boarding:

  • $95/night

Please call for availability, scheduling, and tour inquiries.

*TheraVet is refocusing our boarding operations on our special needs patients such as our Specialized Care cases, Therapy Boarders, and Post Surgical Care cases. We still maintain some Healthy Boarding spaces, but our main focus is now on our core business concept of providing the community with exceptional rehabilitative care and special needs services for their pet in a warm and welcoming environment.  In order to do this effectively and provide the correct amount of attention to these cases, we need to limit our boarding numbers and pay our exceptionally trained staff at the higher end of the scale.

TheraVet strives to provide the most comprehensive and customized services tailored to your pet’s needs. Our staff are exceptionally trained in many specialty areas for working with pets that need Acute or Specialized Care, those that have mobility issues such as braces or carts, those that fall under our Post Surgical and Therapy categories, as well as geriatric and overweight patients with specialized care and med/supplement needs. Our Boarding Manager will be glad to discuss your proposed stay, any amenities that are available and review the costs and benefits of boarding your canine companion at the Lodge at TheraVet Acres.*     .