Equine Services – Offering both mobile and in clinic services

Thera-Vet Acres is excited to announce the expansion of our equine rehabilitative services. We are now offering mobile and in-clinic lay up services including veterinary spinal manipulative therapy, acupuncture, equine sports bodywork, therapeutic exercise programs, class IV laser, class IIIB laser, ultrasound, pulsed signal therapy, and shockwave therapy.

Help keep your horse performing at their best through preventative therapy. Dr. Browne, DVM is certified in acupuncture and veterinary spinal manipulative services. Dr. Browne will develop individual therapeutic exercise programs designed to keep your horse at their best. A typical therapeutic program will take into account your discipline, your horse’s conformation, and all available resources.

Injured horse? We can help with that too. We have numerous modalities to help get your horse back on track such as class IV laser, ultrasound, shockwave, and pulsed signal therapy. These can help your horse regain soundness by strengthening injured tissues quicker and affording more flexibility than if left to heal naturally.

Want to schedule an appointment or have questions? You can call our equine department directly at 585-545-8768 or by email at Equine@thera-vet.com.


LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. LASER has such effects as acceleration of collagen synthesis, acceleration of the inflammation phase of wound healing, enhancing immune cells, increasing vascularity of healing tissue, cartilage stimulation, and pain reduction due to endorphin release.

LASER IV can be used in conditions such as:

Arthritis, Bowed tendons (acute/chronic), Hoof abscesses, Laminitis, Navicular syndrome, Ringbone, Stifle disorders, Muscle spasms, Wounds, Edema, Tendon/ligament injuries, Pain management

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Use of ultrasound can decrease pain; decrease muscle spasms, increase blood flow, aid in tissue healing, and speed wound/fracture healing. Ultrasound is able to create tissue warming at depths up to 3 cm.

Ultrasound can aid in:

Healing of fractures (less than 14 days old), Wound healing/ decreasing scar tissue/adhesions, Tendon/ligament repair, Muscle sprains/strains

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy – (Radial)

Shock wave technology works by producing high energy acoustic waves that are propagated into the tissue in a radial fashion. This promotes accelerated healing, decreases inflammation, and provides pain relief. This unit is also equipped with a massage head which provides relief for sore muscles.

ESWT can be used for:

Insertion desmopathies, Suspensory ligament desmitis, Tendonopathies, Osteoarthritis, Muscle trigger points, Sacroiliac disease, Kissing spine, Navicular syndrome

Pulsed Signal Therapy

PST is a non-surgical, painless electro therapy consisting of pulsed signals transmitted into the joint, this promotes the repair of damaged cells and stimulates the normal repair/maintenance process. This therapy achieves significant pain reduction in conjunction with an increase in mobility. PST is a great option for patients who cannot tolerate NSAIDS and is a cost effective alternative to NSAIDS and analgesic drugs. Pulsed Signal Therapy is the only non-invasive therapy patented to promote new bone and cartilage growth.

The PST treatment requires nine consecutive 1 hour treatments, which can be administered once or twice per day.

PST can be used to treat:

Osteoarthritis/ Degenerative Joint Disease, Rheumatoid Disease (inflammation of joint tissue), Sports Injuries (acute joint injuries), Back Pain

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy is an alternative method of care that complements traditional veterinary medicine. It deals with the musculoskeletal system, primarily the spine. When even a subtle change in the alignment occurs, it is called a subluxation. Subluxations affect the nervous system, local muscles, joints, and even distant organs, glands, and body functions resulting in dysfunction of the nervous system. To correct the subluxation a veterinary spinal manipulative adjustment is used.

Indications for Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy:

Reduction in range of motion, Muscle imbalance/spasms/atrophy, Problems or difficulty executing desired movements, Decrease in level of performance, Behavioral changes (i.e. refusals, cinchy or girthy, bucking), Gait problems (such as cross canter, loss of collection, refusal to pick-up lead, Injuries’ resulting from falls, training, or other activities).


Equine acupuncture is currently recognized by the AVMA and the AAEP as an accepted and scientifically valid treatment modality. Acupuncture gives us a “map” of the body, involving hundreds of points that largely fall along one of the 14 primary meridians. These points correspond to different elements of the body and allow us to understand what is going on with the body holistically. The meridians relate to the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. In Chinese medicine, pain or illness is due to the blockage of “Qi” or energy along one or more meridians. Qi can be blocked by both internal and external factors such as stress, trauma, bacteria, viruses, etc. Using acupuncture we treat pain and illness by inserting acupuncture needles into specific acupuncture points and stimulating these points.

Some conditions treated with acupuncture:

Musculoskeletal conditions, Lameness, Neurological disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Respiratory disorders, Gastrointestinal disorders, Behavioral problems, Dermatological problems, Immune-mediated diseases, Renal/urinary disorders, and reproductive disorders

Equine Sports Bodywork

Sports bodywork therapy, in addition to soft tissue work including mysfascial work and trigger point therapy, can help to relieve muscle soreness in equine athletes by increasing blood flow, promoting muscle relaxation/lengthening, relieving fatigue, loosening stiffness in joints, breaking up adhesions, and reducing trigger points, Stretching helps promote flexibility and provide strength to active musculature and helps prevent chronic shortening of the muscles which can lead to lameness, stiffness, and pain. We have certified equine sports bodywork therapist on staff, ready to help your equine feel their best.

Therapeutic Exercise Programs

Individual strengthening exercise programs can be customized to target weak areas developed due to compensation or conformation. We can provide therapeutic exercises targeted to the client’s horse to help avoid injuries and provide overall strengthening.