Starting Monday February 1st we will be allowing clients to attend all appointments with their pets- if they choose. We still believe the safest option is to wait in the car and use our virtual conferences whenever able. For those that choose to attend the appointment please only 1 person, no children, or other pets. We continue to ask you to call from the car to be escorted into the building by a staff member, to make your next appointment, and to run all payments.

Upon arrival to the building:

  • Client will be asked a series of COVID related questions.
  • Client will be asked to wash their hands.
  • All clients and staff will need to wear a mask, covering their nose and mouth for the entire appointment.
  • Please follow signs and staff direction on where to sit.
  • If there is overcrowding or non-compliance, you will be asked to step outside.

Please understand that continued restrictions are in place for both you and the staff so we can continue treating all our patients without interruption. If an abundance of new infections starts to rise again, we will return to our “curb-side” model. Our staff is keeping very busy trying to meet client and patient needs. We are experiencing extremely high phone call volume; we ask for your patience and understanding. If we do not answer on the first try, please leave a voicemail.